Unmatched Mixing

BD Blender - Gravimetric Blender

蚂蚁娱乐平台注册Consistent, Accurate Batch Blending with the BD Series Batch Weigh Blenders.

Save up to 60%
in energy costs

High Efficiency Central Chillers

“These are some of the lowest energy use numbers I’ve seen. Energy is a big part of the cost of producing a part. Having this kind of chiller technology helps us to ensure our products are profitable for us.” - Customer Testimonial

Best-in-Class 蚂蚁娱乐平台注册

NGX Series Desiccant Bed Dryers

Best-in-class performance and efficiency packed into a sophisticated and flexible design.

AEC BTP Slider Product

Regrind Quality

Beside-the-Press Granulators

蚂蚁娱乐平台注册Granulator 蚂蚁娱乐平台注册 Tailored to Your Specific Needs.

蚂蚁娱乐平台注册 for AEC


蚂蚁娱乐平台注册Design and manufacture of resin conveying, drying, and blending systems for the plastics industry.


蚂蚁娱乐平台注册Chilling equipment, pump tanks, blown film coolers, cooling towers, and full chilling systems.

Size Reduction

Granulators and shredders that consistently produce high-quality regrind to optimize resin usage.

Temperature Control

Temperature Control

蚂蚁娱乐平台注册Precise, automatic temperature control with easy operation for unmatched reliability and performance.

Delivering the right AEC part for your application.

ACS Group Online Aftermarket Parts Store

The AEC Difference

  • Market Leader

    蚂蚁娱乐平台注册Offering material handling, process cooling, and auxiliary equipment for the plastics industry.

  • Strong Legacy

    Established in 1957, Application Engineering 蚂蚁娱乐平台注册 is now known worldwide as AEC.

  • Quick Ship 蚂蚁娱乐平台注册

    蚂蚁娱乐平台注册Top selling equipment, ready to ship within 24 hours.

  • Aftermarket Parts

    Broad range of OEM parts designed for your equipment.

Featured Video

The High Efficiency Central Chiller is remarkably energy efficient and can save up to 60% in electrical costs.

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